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Tag Heuer Crown and Tube replacement

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Hello all,

Got this Tag Heuer Sel WG1210-KO from my friend, but the crown and tube were completely rusted.  Managed to pull out the crown and tube but they both need a replacement.  The tube was completely rusted, hence can't really take any measurement, may I know what is the right size of both crown and tube?  I found from Cousin UK, it seems the crown is 5.25mm diameter and 4mm depth, but not sure which tube size should I order.   Please help.


WeChat Image_20221205111914.jpg

WeChat Image_20221205111922.jpg

WeChat Image_20221205113057.jpg

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I did remove both Stem and tube, but as you said, the tube and crown thread was completely rusted hence couldn't measure its size.  Yes, the movement is ETA955.  I got a new stem already, but need to order a right size tube and crown.  Just don't know the size of the tube.

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I'm checking on an SEL I have stripped here. The crown is 5.25 mm with what looks like either a 2.1 or 2.2 threaded inner tube, Cousins part number looks like C8612

For the tube, It's 2.6 OD and 7mm long. I can't be sure if it's ID is 2.1 or 2.2mm as that's the threaded part. I'm leaning towards 2.1mm so Cousins part number should be C8623. I would suggest you buy a 2.1 and 2.2 ID tube to be safe.

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Thank you so much gbyleveldt for your advice and information.  I checked from Cousins, the ID2.2mm one says for Crown 5.5mm which I think may not be right for crown 5.25mm.  I think I will go for C8623 although its 6.9mm long which is for screw down crown as per Cousins.   Thanks you.


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