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Hello From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Hi guys, I'm Steven from Malaysia. Repairing watches and clocks is my hobby which is also my work. As someone said, do what you love and you'll never work a day. That's what I'm doing for decades for a living. I was introduced to this forum by Mark's videos. Thank you Mark for sharing your skills in watch repair. I'm learning a lot watching your videos. Cheers!

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I envy you Steven,

I, like you, discovered this site through Mark's videos.

I retired after 32 years in R & D from Alcoa (the aluminum co.) and really enjoyed learning a wide variety of disciplines. Two years later (2012) I took a job at a jewelry store where I learned some basic watch repair (no mechanical watches). I'd like to get into mechanical but, home life makes it difficult.

My last two years while working, I enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - online. I was involved in interactive multimedia and web design. I was amazed to find  that so much psychology goes into designing. Even something as simple basic as typography has many subtleties that influence the audience.  Unfortunately, I had to drop out because of work responsibilities. Through my training at the Art Institute I can appreciate what goes into video production. Of all the different videos that I've seen regarding watch repair, Mark's are the best. He gives me confidence to continue learning. His editing is spot on. I hope Mark gets rewarded for all his generous efforts.


I envy you Steven. You had the good fortune to get into the repair business long ago.

Had I known how rewarding this is, I would have pursued this when I was young.




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    • If you look at the image of the pushbutton you found on eBay I don't see a C clip. It looks to me like it's an entire assembly that screws in. This of course is where it be nice to have access to Swatch group where you'd actually get a breakdown if the part actually does break down. The reality of the fantasy of I can replace my button with no skills or tools rapidly crashes and burns when you probably can't. I do see there's a gasket as a good sign because a lot of times when they screw in they use Loctite and then realistically would have to take the movement out of the case plus if you are doing a really proper job you would also do a dry Water pressure test to make sure the watch is still water resistant if it hasn't been serviced since 2015 probably all the gaskets are shot anyway. Which is why taking it to a Swatch group service center would be the best they have a infinite supply of parts and this is what they do all day long.
    • Yes the expectations of a properly shaped mainspring versus whatever you have. The unfortunate reality of inconsistencies with manufacturing of mainsprings. For instance currently with the American pocket watch mainsprings that I do modern Swiss replacements if they have a slight yellowish color to them I'm finding they all look worse than what you have now. In other words the quality the modern spring is totally sucks versus the old days well hopefully the old days as I have seen some really good spring From the past.  
    • Good to see you didn't need to break and take the stem out in pieces. Everything now cleans in solution of soap water    IN ULTRASONIC. Good luck.
    • Working on a bulova 5AT.  Any thoughts on why the jewel for the bottom pivot on the pallet fork would be a two-piece type (cap jewel and pierced jewel)?  I was under the impression that it had to do with the oiling of that pivot, but I thought we don't ever oil pallet fork pivots!
    • I removed it by hand with the intention of cleaning it and putting it back.  I expected it to be S shaped not spiral shaped as it is not such an old movement.  Also I know it can be put back with a winder or by hand but can it actually be taken out any other way than by hand.    Also if you watched the disassembly video there were pretty big dents in the barrel bridge which I don’t understand how they could have happened. 
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