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Tension Ring Crystal Nuance

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Hi folks,

I'm hunting down a crystal for an old watch I'm learning from while bringing back to life. It's a manual wind Caravelle from the mid-70s. The acrylic crystal is cracked, so I removed it and see it is equipped with a tension ring (lesson number one for me, as I had not seen crystals with tension rings before). So, I did some measuring and research and see that there are perhaps four varieties of tension-ring-equipped domed acrylic crystals that might be what I need. For the life of me though, I can't figure out which one is for me (or perhaps any of them will work?).

Narrowing crystal manufacturer down to just Sternkreuz, I see the following four options (all in the diameter I need):


Unfortunately, I can't seem to find specifications (beyond diameter) for any of them (including the Sternkreuz catalogue). Any advice on when you would use one versus another would be most appreciated. 🙂

For reference, measurements of the old crystal and case follow. I think I should order 30.1mm once I settle on the type (leaning toward the High Dome). Thanks for your help!






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Here's an update in case anyone else is mystified by the array of crystal options out there.

I ended up ordering two crystals from Cousins. The Standard and the High Dome. Standard was closest to the OEM crystal in look/shape/height (although just a tiny bit lower) and High Dome was three or four tenths of a millimetre higher.

I installed the High Dome along with a new leather strap. I'll wear the watch for a few days to see how it performs before the movement goes into my servicing queue. Some related photos:


And a before / after comparison of the watch:


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