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Stare At This Dial For 10 Minutes And Tell Me What You See Please

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My tuppence worth.

I'm no expert, but you could have a redial here. The text looks like it is sloping down to the left, but that may be an aberration due to the photograph, the minute markers extend beyond some of the markers and not others and the printing doesn't look as sharp and crisp as it should be.

I can't comment on the font itself.

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The only oddity I can see - and it may be the effect of the glass on the face - is that the batons at 5, 7 and 8 have a tiny dot just beyond them in the outer chapter of the face.


I can't see those dots anywhere else...

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The big problem is ...the serial# is from 1968. Well Deville became it's own line in 1967 so a 1968 should not read both.(so I have been told) As far as omega being painted on....I have seen both on many ...could just mean the painted ones are redials or fakes.

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