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New member, looking for quality tools

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New here, I very recently became obsessed with watches. Would appreciate any tips on starter tools. I want to start by disassembling and reassembling movements. If there is a beginners thread for this, I would appreciate any links ūüėĀ. I'm interested in investing in some quality tools, so¬† any recommendations for the following items would be greatly appreciated:

- movement holder

- screw driver sizes

- tweezers 

- part storage / organization 

- ergonomic arm rests / desks 

- case opener 

- cleaning supplies 


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Hi and wwelcome to the forum.  depending on your location   Cousins UK Gleaveandco  A.G.Thomas are UK based material houses.  In the USA there are Jules Borel,   Esslingers , Otto Frei.   Tools are a personal thing , makers like Bergeon, Horortec, F*F and others have their followers. Domont tweezers in a few sizes are not to be skimped on as are screwdrivers.  Attached are a couple od useful documents for your interest.

TZIllustratedGlossary.pdf 1018139187_TM9-1575WardepartmentTechnicalManual.pdf

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