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seiko 6119 service--anything I should know?

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I don't find them very difficult at all, but I suppose it's because the majority of the movements I began learning on were Seiko's.  Lots of 6309's, 6119's, 7006's, and 5606's.  Speaking frankly, I'm a big Seiko fanboy!  Value for money I think they are tough to beat, and some of their dials are simply stunning.  

They break down the keyless works into just a couple of parts.  Their 'magic lever' system for the auto winding is so simple it's brilliant.  I'm a fan.  You can definitely tell they really thought it out and simplified it for mass production, but they are still capable of keeping excellent time.


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3 hours ago, LittleWatchShop said:

But what makes them difficult?

 Not that they are difficult to work on.  Bless his soul must have enjoyed working on jewels like JLC and easily been able to tell the kind of junk Seiko 5 is. 

Its the art not just a time telling machine.  


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6119 are my favourite, easy to work on and the only problem with these is they are so reliable that they do not get scheduled maintenance. Most of the wear I see is in the barrel pivots so check this. Apart from water damage, any other wear or damage is due to previous mishandling, I have come across several watches where the hairspring needed tweaking. The big balance helps with good timekeeping compared to later models.

I don't like the the 7xxx range as they are cheaply built.


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