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Hi there,

I've never been much of a watch enthusiast in general, but a 50th birthday gift of an Omega Speedmaster moonwatch has brought me around, at least to the subject of space related watches. I've added a Bulova Lunar Pilot recently, and I'm considering acquiring a Sturmansky Gagarin and possibly a Strela (associated with Leonov's spacewalk). I have no intention of ever touching the mechanisms of any of these, but, bitten by the moonswatch craze, I've bought a couple of chinese knockoffs. Predictably, I got what I paid for. One had a detached minute hand on arrival. I followed a youtube tutorial and managed to fix it without too much trouble. Now I'm wondering if there's any satisfaction to be had from replacing the movement with something cheap, but better than what's there. Does anyone have any ideas what might suit?



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Hello Les and thanks for the introduction. If it is a version of the Chinese Standard Movement in your watch, you might be able to find one with better build-quality to swap in. There are many manufacturers, each aiming for a different market segment. Fitting for example "something swiss" is not going to be possible. This site explains the important dimensions for fitting movements to cases http://www.ranfft.de/uhr/info-e.html

and there are innumerable variants.

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