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Here are a few photos of some watches I bought at  a flea market.
No more than 30 euros for any of them.
The place is a goldmine...
but thats why i'm not saying where it is...

we'll start with the best first. 

Cauny Submarine. Missing the bezel (so if anyone has one let me know) and the crystal is pretty scratched and hazed, is a runner but the minute hand moves about when the watch is knocked meaning it can't keep meaningful time. But it runs fairly well when left on a bench. needs a service. Seen them online for over 250 to 350 euros so a real find there. heres also a couple of pictures of what it should look like when its done except the pic of the mint ones don't have the day date complication and my second hand is better looking than the plastic thing on them .
Looks like a proper serious divers watch as its rated to 210 metres when in good order. What a find.


Citizen Square custom Day Date 27j.
Running original strap which is very beautiful but the clasp is a bit beat up.
The dial is a bit faded to the left hand side where the laquer has lifted but other than those two things pretty mint. Crystal is of course as always scratched to hell, but I wonder if I will be able to find another one for it. Another pretty rare find.


Then we have these two beat up beauties.
More Cauny watches as they seem to be a very popular model down here in Portugal.
the first one has a different name to Cauny but its as much a cauny as the rest, same movement probably and design. The crystal is totally banjaxxed and the balances on both of them were missing their pivots. A seemingly common problem with these. But other than that good watches for the money and parts for others perhaps or If I can find the balances for them cheap starter restorations, which I can practice my plating on etc...

and finally...

A Vulcain...
Which i have partially stripped as I need some new tips for my screwdrivers as being a cheapskate I have decided to buy cheapo chinese screwdrivers and replace the tips with Bergeon ones as thats the important part. So if anyone knows where I can get bergeon tips from 0.06 upwards from at a good price also let me know.
Case and dial are suitably beaten up but fairly good for the age of the piece, the crystal is almost mint. but again this was a none runner with a balance missing its pivots again even though all of these movements have rudimentary shock jewel settings but this was before Incabloc came along probably, but don't quote me on that.


So all in all a fairly good haul for under 150 bux and some nice pieces to work on,
but no 3 in 1 and car grease this time as I am going to get serious now Neverenoughwatches...But as an update that one is on my wrist right now and keeping fairly good time for the bush rebuild I did on it, but when the oils and new tips come that will be getting redone also...

So to all who have read this far, all the best for the Christmas and New Year, enjoy the Football World Cup and Happy 2023. Although with the price of everything right now i can't see how but we must try our best.

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Love the Cauny watches.  These are really only popular in Europe but mainly Spain and Portugal.  I inherited my dads Cauny about 12 years ago and I had it restored before I got into this hobby.  Next time I should be able to service it myself. 




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