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Just Purchased This Gem! 1 Of 2 Of My First Ever Watch Purchases!! What Do You Think?


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 Here is an excellent prime example of a Hamilton Brandon model wristwatch.  These watches were made from 1948-1951 and are 10KGF with 18K solid-gold numerals on a silverdial.  This particular watch is a wonderful, very clean example with an original dial.  Note from my pics how crisp and clear the dial is - especially the "cld" and the seconds sub-dial.  Dial restorations do not replicate the "cld" as well as this original dial from 65 years ago.  This Brandon has the original gold hands which are in perfect condition.  There is no pitting anywhere on this watch.

Of particular note is that this watch was completely serviced (disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt and timed) by Rene Rondeau, the world's foremost expert on vintage Hamilton watches, who has recently retired.  The last 2 pics were sent to me by Rene as he was working on this watch.  He noted how nice the dial was (he also concluded it is original) and that the cal 980 17 jewel movement was also very clean.  Indeed, this watch runs strong and accurate as a wind-up vintage wristwatch!

This is a fixed-lug version and I can find only a very few issues - it is almost perfect with virtually no wear!  If you look closely at the pics, there is a fine hairline scratch on the dial (between the 1 and 2) that is very hard to see in-person.  The back still has the original brushed gold finish and has only 1 faint small scratch that I can see.  I cannot find any scratches on the crystal.  You will be hard-pressed to find another Brandon CLD in this fine condition; especially one that has also been serviced by Rene Rondeau!post-1256-0-72625100-1436228924_thumb.jppost-1256-0-11821800-1436228927_thumb.jppost-1256-0-17611100-1436228928_thumb.jppost-1256-0-78371800-1436228929_thumb.jppost-1256-0-88294900-1436228930_thumb.jp

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Ah - the 980 - a lovely movement! You can see mine here:




The "cld" stands for "sealed", which means a high standard of case sealing. I have a Hamilton "Langdon" with the same dial marking - but the movement in this one is a standard 747:



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Luck. patience, good fortune, wishing well, magic lamp, caseloads of dosh to bribe people - sorry went over to the dark side there.


You need a sage versed in the art of Hamilton Knowledge or if Will can't help perhaps search the Hamilton watch forums on line or look here for an idea









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