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Looking for help identifying approximate date and information of this 14k ladies Rolex

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Hello! I tried posting this on Rolexforums.com but didn't get any responses.  I know that the Cameleon/chameleon was generally made circa 1950s-60s and some in the 70s. I haven't been able to find anything regarding this specific reference number (or is it a case number?) 85008. I've also seen similar watches referred to as a reference 5003 but I can't find that anywhere on this case. I've found some nearly identical ones listed but different sources say different dates. Some say it's from the 1970s and others say the 1950s. Box looks more 50s to me but I don't want to be wrong by two decades when I try and sell it. I was wondering if anyone had any additional information/ads/lit or year that this may have been made? 14k case with 14k band and additional bands/box photos attached.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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20 hours ago, mikepilk said:

As you can see on the movement, the calibre is 1400 - which was made from the 60s.

Try Googling something like "Ladies Rolex cal 1400" - quite a few for sale are listed.

I've seen that too but none of the sources I found seemed to be that reputable or comprehensive. The few that mentioned its manufactured date simply say "from the 1960s" which is vague and leads me to believe that they don't actually have that much information on it. It seems like the chameleon was released in 1953 and appear to be fairly consistent in size. The 1400 was the smallest movement produced by Rolex so if it wasn't the 1400 in 1953 I'm not sure which alternative caliber it could be? I have yet to find another chameleon with a different caliber which makes me suspicious that the caliber wasn't made at least a little prior to the 60s

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