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80 year starter?


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Chris here and enjoying Watching experts and Hobby watch makers videos.  Have taken my first pocket watch apart. Just need to clean it and rebuild. Interested in the Watchmaker videos as my father and two of his brothers were toolmakers (apprenticed at British aircraft company, Bristol) and I watched them making and repairing things as a boy. Now I am having a go.  Returning to Switzerland from France shortly.


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    • Hey guys, My wife and I started our little company in Borneo back in 03. When covid hit and things got crazy, I stumbled down the horological rabbit hole. I fell HARD. Next thing I know, I'm on this forum, modding, assembling, and restoring old watches. The wife, bless her heart, she put her foot down and said I cannot buy or make any more watches for myself. Well, a horological addict is still a addict and I am no quitter. So I figured, why not make some watches for my employees who have been with us for over a decade, they deserve something special. It sure is not for me. So the planning started early this year, scouring the interwebs for parts that will scratch this itch and make my watchmaking dreams come true. It was a tough slog, looking at all those tempting parts, dials, hands, cases and movements. I think I managed to gather all the parts that I needed and with some waiting, elbow grease and much choice swearing, I think I put together what I want to gift my guys and gals. So here's what is wild. I got about 40 of these things to make by the middle of the year. FORTY. Its like I got a whole watch making factory in my actual factory. Wish me luck folks, I am on a watchmaking mission, and nothing is going to stop me. Except maybe the wife, if she finds out how many watches I'm really making.       Stephen      
    • Do you need to return the tin / zinc / plexiglass surface to flat once in a while, and how do you do it? I can imagine the surface becoming concave in time, or does that not happen because of the embedded abrasive?
    • And in normal me fashion everything is going south. My amplitude after running for a day is around the 220 to 230 mark 2 hours from a full wind. At full wind it's about 250ish. Not ideal. I re-oiled the balance and it didn't do much. I"m gonna double check some things and see if i can get that amplitude up unless people think that's acceptable for a 55 year old watch/balance. If i can't get it up and that's not acceptable i might just put the new balance i got on it but i'd REALLY like to keep the gold balance wheel. THen there's these f'ing things.   How on EARTH do you get them in? I double chekced and it's the exact same dimensions of the one that came with it. I can press that one in with my thumbs. I already broke on eof the two i got trying to get it in with a press. I can't find anything other than they go in easily with a normal crystal press.   I have one more shot to get it right. I've been trying to round over the edges and sand it down a bit to get it in there. Any tips would be greately appreciated.
    • My name is Troy and am just starting to get into watches. I like to learn new things and am here to do just that. 😉
    • The other way can do it T end spring is to wind it into your mainspring winder but leave a little bit out. Then you put the winder and a little bit into the barrel get the T  over the opening. Push it into place and then hold that in place like the end of your largest screwdriver then you can push it out and it will stay. But otherwise if you try to push it out of a Winder without having it locked in place it will never stay wherever it's supposed to be. This is actually quite a common  problem with American pocket watches because they have all sorts of interesting ends that normally have to be in place before you push the spring out. Did you do anything else in addition to the mainspring?  
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