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Growing Collection of "Electronic" Watches

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and now a new one to the collection an all stainless steel case with original bracelet.  had crack in crystal and crown had snapped off the stem.  I replacement crown with a longer tube did the trick and I swapped the crystal from a non-runner.  Need a little more cosmetic touch up but for now it is an awesome addition.  


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45 minutes ago, JerseyMo said:

Very interesting website. Notice it did make the reference that sonic was a confusion and of course calling all of their watches sonic was a confusion. I still suspect it's because they were competing with Bulova and the tuning fork and they wanted the sounds like something other than a boring balance wheel perhaps.

Don't know if you've ever seen this site before it's laid out a bit strange you have to click the contents thing and then scroll down you'll see electric watches. It's basically the contents of the book on a website.



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Somebody found my Stellaris post from two years ago and joined to contact me.  The movement is a Seiko 3302...a genuine pain in the back side.  The tech manual says to clean the contactor with freon.  LOL...gonna do that.  Anyway, I have it running after performing a non-conventional cleaning technique.  There are three adjustments for the escapement. 1) Pawl on the "click wheel" on the escape wheel, 2) contactor leaves, 3) contact lever.  Ugh.  I got it running nicely now.

It is a front-loader too...grrrr

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Yes Freon that miracle cleaning product but like all miracle products it seems to have a side effect then yes always nice to so pictures because not everyone knows what it looks like. Then always interesting the balance wheel watches because some of them can be really quite clever on how they work that is providing there working. But considering how old they are there actually holding up quite nicely to some degree holding up better than mechanical watches at the same time.

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