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Small Imperial Movement Stopping All The Sudden

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Hi All,


I have an Imperial (actually I think I posted a pic of three movements I had purchased.) movement that I have cased up in another case. However, the watch will run fine then after 4-5 hours it just stops. Keeps time up till it just stops. I am going to disassemble again and clean but any thoughts would be welcomed.


As always thank you for your time and consideration!



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Does it stop at the same time, are the hands clear of each other, will it work ok out of the case.

Check all teeth, pivots, pinions and jewel holes, make sure the jewels are fixed sound. Go through the escapement thoroughly such as pallet stones, anything that can be loose check. I would go through it again and treat it as a new repair.

I hope this helps and good luck. Don't forget to tell us how things went.

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2+ to oldhippy.



Check the inside of the Glass for rub marks (angle it to the light to see the reflected surface of the Glass), this will indicate if one of the hands is coming in contact with the Glass.



When inspecting the wheels, make sure you have a good light source, and while rotating them with your tweezers keep changing the angle to the light source.  Every tooth should 'flick' the light back at you ... if a tooth is damaged you'll see a reflection difference compared with the other teeth.



Use the highest magnification optics you have, and double check for chips, cracks and old oil scum that may have been missed by cleaning.



Make sure you don't have a bent pivot on one of the wheels.  Make sure they are also spotlessly clean.


Cocks and Bridges

Fit them without the wheels etc... and make sure they seat down flush with the Main Plate and that there is not a small burr or indent making them not seat properly.

Also, if one is a very thin bridge, make sure there is not a bow in it.  I have seen this on ETA 980.153 bridges.


Centre Tube

Make sure the Centre Tube is not bent.  You can do this but watching the Hour Hands height from the Dial as you adjust the time with the Crown.  If the hand is further away from the Dial on one side and lower on the other, you have a bent tube.


There's a few fault finding steps to check out mate.  Please let us know how you go.

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