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Buren Grad Prix - Part 2

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Some may recall that I had been re-assembling a Buren Grand Prix months ago and discovered during the process that the setting lever spring had broken during cleaning. So, I found another movement and it's been sitting here for months. I think perhaps it's the day to take it apart and run it through the cleaner. I had originally thought that I'd just grab the needed piece and continue with the first but I suspect I'll just work with the second. Here's a shot of the two movements taken yesterday.

small - buren with 7R3 and 50mm with Raynox.jpg

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Upon taking it apart, one of the main bridge screws had half of the head broken off. You can just see it to the right of the ratchet wheel. It looks to be in shadow but the other side of what should be the screw driver slot is missing. Since I have a second movement, steeling a screw is easy. Same for the click spring that I lost (despite all attempts otherwise). Also, you can see a screw missing on the train wheel bridge - I have plenty of spare screws... 🙂 Parts ready for the cleaner.

DSC07931 - small.jpg

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When I was working on the first one I had the hardest time getting the setting lever loosened from the post.

This time I decided to leave the setting level on the post when I ran everything through the wash.

Oddly enough, the ultrasonic vibrated the post out of the lever and they were both loose in the basket when I took them out.

On the left is the post side of the movement after I re-installed the lever this morning (hence the need for 6 adjusted finger cots - see other post). On the bottom is the stuck post in the first movement that I was working on back in April. I abandoned that effort when I discovered that the setting lever spring had broken in the wash.



still not unthreaded - 3.jpg

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