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New scope. Crazy Rich's new toy

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Hi peeps hope you all well. So here it is, I've been after a new bigger better scope to replace my pre Amscope  ( Swift ) which has been ok but lacking on magnification  and field of view. Asked around here for a little while and thought I'd  be getting the same one Alex from About f______ time suggested. Also a few good guys here said similar. Did i listen ? Er yeah i did but then this baby fell into my hands today. I say fell which is not actually possible because its huge and and its heavy, veeerry heavy. It took two very strong boys to get it upstairs and into my watch room, me and my lad and hes 6 ' 5" and built like a brick shitter and I'm freakishly strong for a 5' 9" old fart.  Bigger and better doesn't begin to describe it, its the biggest and the best lol, well i think so, I'm very happy. So what is it ? . Its a surgeons microscope, I'd guess around 50 years old, kept in a hospital's storage for god knows how many years finally released to make way for new old microscopes to fill the hospital storage. Made in West Germany, solid and stable as hell fully adjustable in every way possible. It has 3 light luminosity settings, 4 colour  filters 2 camera mounts and the best bit is a Carl Zeiss 5 fixed magnification lens. Working distance of around 10 inch for all magnifications. The price ? I hate talking about prices, to me its priceless like my brother from another mother that  aquired it for me gratis.



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2 hours ago, grsnovi said:

Kinda like that scene in CROCODILE DUNDEE where he goes: "That's not a knife, this is a knife"

That's a big one alright!

May it serve you well.

Haha that was on tv last night, very wierd and really funny Gary 😅. Thank you, I'm over the moon with it, i just need to re-jig the room as it blocking half the door way. 

1 hour ago, tomh207 said:

Good one NEW. The cosmos is shining down on you for sure, that would have cost a ton in the day 😀



I wouldn't even like to guess, my buddy that buck she'd it for me ( he is well respected at our local hospital and pulled a few strings for me ) said the new ones are garbage quality compared to this. I've said this so many times  on here, think positive, be positive, be kind and do good thinks for people. Ask little favours of the universe and when the time is right and it wants to reward you, you shall receive. 🙂 . And no I'm still not religious in any way shape or form, just genuine. 

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2 hours ago, gbyleveldt said:

Geesh Rich, nice score my man. That’s certainly an impressive piece of kit and have it fully articulate is a bonus!

Thanks Gert, its amazing. I class myself as very lucky to have it and to have some incredible friends. He had been planning it for a while and then dropped the surprise on me yesterday the day after me and the missus got back from Rome. An anniversary gift he said, but now I'm worried about what he got the missus 😅

48 minutes ago, HectorLooi said:

That looks like a vintage surgical microscope. 

Nice one.

Thanks Hector, thats exactly what it is. I've not searched it for a manufacturing date yet but I'm very curious as to how old it is. The optics are extremely sharp, inside the head is a 6 fixed lens block that runs from 6 to 10 to 16 to 40 to 25 to 10 then back to 6. The focus and working height remains the same for each magnification. The light source also runs through some optics in the last arm these optics connect up with the barlow lens . So wherever the light is aimed that is your viewing area, with 3 light intensities but also with 4 color filters. The main swing arm is counterbalanced  from inside the arm post and then an additional weight block can be added to reduce its upwards counter pull to zero. Its a serious piece of kit, the friend that got it for me said they're just not made like this anymore. I am very lucky to have it and such good friends.

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