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Technique for cannon pinion, dial and hands for an AUTOMATIC watch?

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I always struggle with this.

My movement holder (the classic style) always struggles with dial up configuration.  Don't want to tighten down on the balance wheel or hit the teeth of the ms barrel, so I rarely put the watch in the movement holder dial up.

The situation is even more confounding when dealing with the oscillating weight of an automatic watch.  Don't to turn dial up and press on the cannon pinion for fear of damaging the weight post. Heretofore, I have just been very very careful, placing the watch on the bench with no holder.

Same with pressing on the hands.

What do the pros do?  Inquiring minds want to know.


At this very moment, I am 3d printing a holder that should address this issue for this particular watch, but I would rather not do this for every watch I work on...but I guess I could.

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3 hours ago, LittleWatchShop said:

(the classic style)

you should probably give us a picture of the classic style because I think there's a lot of movement holders that we currently are using which would be considered the classic style so I'm not 100% sure which classic style were talking about here

I'm attaching an image and the PDF catalog pages of movement holders.  the images for a reversible movement holder which apparently now comes in plastic I wonder if it's cheaper? Which means you could conceivably 3-D print these. Verse will aspect is nice because one side is basically for holding the dial side and the other sides for holding the other side and the automatic weight doesn't bump in the anything and it after really try hard to break the balance.

so in your situation this is what I would be using as  they do work really well that just don't work for my American pocket watch movements.

reversible movement holders.JPG

7103 A B C D movement holder's.pdf

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You hit the nail on the head. Here is the holder I am talking about.

I think the holders you show are better suited. Essentially what I did for my immediate need--printed. I have a parameterized design that makes that easy.

For some reason I cannot add a photo on my android.

Like this


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I use a holder like yours, a Bergeon 4040 and work dial down/dial up all the time with no problems* -  never caused any damage to balance or barrel teeth, and I don't put the oscillating weight on until casing up. As long as you hold it at the correct depth in the holder, and rotate it correctly, there should be no problem. 

* some movements are awkward dial up. Usually deeper movements as you can't hold the edge of the mainplate and there aren't 4 points on the bridges which line up with the "teeth" on the holder. 

The only real problem I had was with my first chrono - kept pinging out of the holder when pressing the buttons. I'll use a different type of holder next time.

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