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My Junk Shop Find Waltham.


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It is  Gorgeous pocket watch to be sure, but pictures! You have to post pictures! Just being melodramatic...welcome to the forum bsshog! Usually when fellas overhaul a nice find like the one you have here they post pictures of what they did along the way. I love Waltham, but don't have any American movement watches. Kepp posting!



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Everytime I see beauty such as this, I wonder why they didn't have display backs.

I've sometimes wondered just the same thing. The display backs were used mainly by salesmen for the watch companies' retail outlets, but I've no idea what percentage of regular, ordinary customers would buy them. Perhaps they were considered too fragile for everyday working use.

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Pretty nice work for a watch made in 1901! I'm always amazed at what these american and swiss companies were able to produce considering they had limited lighting and power systems. Many of the factories at this time still ran on hydro power and sunlight! Just amazing. These Appleton Tracey grade Walthams are some of my favorites due to the mirrored wheels and the sunken balance wheel. 

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I found a couple of very similar Waltham movements while going through some stuff earlier. Funnily enough as a child I grew up right next door to the village of Waltham in the UK which is famed for its windmill and for its airfield RAF Waltham / Grimsby and former home to the 100 squadron. I'm guessing Waltham in Massachusetts derived its name from there and hence the Waltham Watch Company.






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    • Oh nice. I have a similar wedge style stump for my staking tool, so I'll give that a shot. Thanks!
    • Thank you all for the replies!  Very informative! True enough, the Gamsol took some time to evaporate and does leave a residue. So not all naphtha are created equal!  Need to find alternatives then. i was able to try Hexane recommended by Alex and it seems great.  I wonder what the cons are?
    • Yeah, I saw that in the tech sheet but I don't see how it can be adequately cleaned with the friction pinion still in place. I've accidentally pulled the arbor right out of the wheel once when I used a presto tool to try and remove it. Mark shows how he does it with the Platax tool. Those are a little too pricey for me so I got one of these from Aliexpress and I just push down on the arbor with the end of my brass tweezers. That usually gets it most of the way out and then I just grab the wheel with one hand the and the friction pinion with the other and gently rotate them until it pops off. Probably not the best way but it's seemed to work for me so far.    
    • Thanks, Jon Sounds like a plan. Obviously I'll have the face on so do you think gripping with the holder will create any problems, but I will check in the morning to see how feasible it is but I assume it only needs to be lightly held. As for holding the movement instead of the holder won't be possible in this scenario as one hand will be puling on the stem while the other pushes the spring down. That was my initial concern is how the hell can I do this with only one pair of hands. All the other times I've had to remove the stem hasn't been a problem, apart from the force required to release the stem from the setting lever, but now I need to fit the face and hands its sent me into panic mode. If it had the screw type release things would be a lot simpler but that's life 😀   Another thing I will need to consider is once the dial and hands are fitted and the movement is sitting in the case I will need to turn it over to put the case screws in. I saw a vid on Wristwatch revival where he lightly fitted the crystal and bezel so he could turn it over, is this the only option or is there another method?      
    • Hi Jon, do You think that relation spring torque - amplitude is linear? I would rather guess that the amplitude should be proportional to the square of the torque. I had once idea to check it, but still haven't.
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