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Pictoral reference for manufactors movement marks/stamps

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Hi, I'm new to collecting and my starting samples are standard 60's watches. Nothing special.

I'm trying to reference them and I'm having difficulties finding out the maker of various movements. For example, I have a watch by MOD (no one has heard of but I love the dial) and it has what I determine to be marked JC 256. I trawled Ranfft to no avail. The only 256 I've found is a ETA quartz. The stylized JC is in a circle with the number below.

That's just an example. Is there a book that shows all the makers marks/stamps rather just showing watches that may contain an example. I'm looking for hieroglyphs I guess.

Many thanks for your time, John

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It might help if you give us a picture of a sample watch as it's not a straightforward easy thing.

If you're looking for who actually made the movement its typically marked under the balance wheel. But occasionally it's on the dial side and sometimes is not marked at all.

Okay here's a link that shows the common things typically the visible stuff on the plates may or may not be who actually made the movement.



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