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Hi, I have just purchased two GSTP watches which don't run but look like a great challenge now I've done a couple. Mainly for the history, it would be great to bring these back to life. 

However, I then realised there may be an issue with the lume used in those days and don't fancy working on them in full haz suit!.

I don't want to invest in a geiger counter either but can't stand the thought of not trying. 

I appreciate you can't tell me to go ahead but any advise would be appreciated. 882856967_s-l1600(4).thumb.jpg.8f72f1b32f60426433fc40b00a633e0e.jpg1018526292_s-l1600(3).thumb.jpg.9d6bf2188d2f75629ab6edf1e6ab4be2.jpg


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You don't need to worry.  The Kevlar will protect you!!

I thought this topic had already been fleshed out on WRT, but I searched "radium" and did not find the thread.

Bottom line...you need not worry...not for a moment.  Do not lick the dial, nor the hands.  I suspect that even if you did, it would have zero impact.  I have several reports commissioned by the US government that provides an analysis of a variety of scenarios (professional watchmaker, amateur watchmaker, wearing in chest pocket, on the wrist, etc.).  It is just not an issue.  Moreover, my anecdotal evidence is that my father was a watchmaker working on watches from 1946 until 1990.  I know he had and worked on many radium watches.  He died at 93 of causes unrelated to radiation.

Go read this thread.  The documents I mentioned can be found there.

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