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Documentation on Omega 211 movement

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I'm timing a 1950s Omega 211 ladies' movement and trying to find accurate info on the frequency.

The listing at Ranfft shows 18,000, but looking at the ticks on Watch-o-scope it's beating at 21,600. Someone on the Facebook group said it should be 21,306.

Is there a reliable/trusted source for this kind of movement info? I found lift angles at watchguy.co.uk, and found a parts diagram on Cousins UK for the Omega 210, but no frequency info. I don't mind paying for books or services, I just don't know where to look.

I was hoping to start there before taking the movement back apart to count teeth, or chase down a problem that doesn't exist.



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2 hours ago, ManSkirtBrew said:

Is that something available to the layperson?

documentation for the various watch companies over the years is an interesting subject.

if you're lucky for your watch it might be able to find a parts list. Depending upon who made the watch when it was made etc. it might even be some sort of technical documentation. Then the companies also had supplemental information which is much harder to find. Such as Omega currently calls them working instructions to understand what they look like I have a link below. Omega even now has general information that covers groupings of calibers with information related to that particular group. Simplistically that means if you get a technical sheet on servicing a watch it's probably missing information because you're supposed to have the supplemental document that sometimes isn't even referenced in the technical document. I do notice now the companies are getting better at referencing that you should have this other documentation.

now for your original question the answer is no you're not going to get working instruction 28. To understand this I have a link the cousins were searched for the word working. You'll notice that they have a few number 40 is a nice one to download along with any of the others that you like. So open up the PDF and noticed that every single page corner is watermarked with who downloaded it. So one time cousins had access to Omega documentation has its watermarked that way. Problem is if the watch company is so paranoid over who sees her gets her documentation what happens if the documentation's week in the wild? So basically anyone who has access to documentation is going to be extremely restrictive on who sees it. Of you lucky some kind soul might snip something out for you. Conveniently skipping over how I managed to get the documentation and why I'm not going to endanger the source that it came from.

oh and then just in case you didn't have them I have the parts list for your watch. The reason 210 is there is it's the base caliber



cal_211_page1.pdf cal_211_page2.pdf Omega_Omega 210-1.pdf

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