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    • I dont think mine is. Its an idea to have them all in one place if possible, then a quick screenshot will have them saved. Unless anyone has any other ideas of how to reconnect 
    • My email address is in my profile, feel free all to drop me a quick hello. 
    • I have an Enfield mantel clock with a broken mounting lug (see photos). Does anyone have any suggestions about the best way to proceed?
    • Thanks VWatchie! I did spot your walkthrough thank you. And you are spot on about the movements too!   Nick
    • Yup watchie you are entirely on my wavelength with this , you actually said what i was hinting at, what if something happens to mark ? Will someone be able to take over ? Its not that long ago that the forum was down and Mark had to step in and fix it. And you are right a wealth of information that does not exist as a whole anywhere on the planet will be lost. Can that be archived elsewhere? It would be an absolute shame if the plug was pulled without warning, i would like to think Mark wouldn't do that to us. And like i said in my first post i talk about things other folk might be affraid to.  So lets not skirt around anything. It might be nice to have a place where we can all drop our emails just in case so we always have that contact. Can you make that happen  Old Hippy ?  i kind of think of you as the pops of the forum 🙂
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