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Seiko Owner Seeking Help


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Hello, I’m new to this community and join for a slightly different reason to most I think. I have no experience fixing watches but have recently found a watch that my late Grandfather gave to me as a 13 year old. At the time I did not appreciate the watch and put it in a drawer, where it remained for many years, until I found it recently during a clearance of the house. 

I can now appreciate the watch, and although it is not the most expensive of time pieces it is a nice piece and needs to be restored to good working order. It is a vintage 1980s Seiko H601-5479 mens dual wrist watch (ani/digi). It is in relatively good condition externally but has no power. 

Ive taken it to a high street jewellers in the UK, who sent it to Seiko. Unfortunately Seiko etc were unable to fix it due to its age and parts being obsolete. They recommended a clock and watch repairers who has examined the watch and noted :

‘Leaking battery. Insulator present, contacts cleaned, battery replaced. No response from unit, apart from flash of LCD during swap of battery, possibly caused by static’

This repairer was unable to go any further with repair and suggested a specialist. 

Since this time, mid August (2022), I have contacted multiple specialists, all of whom have declined to accept the task of trying to restore power to the watch. 

I’ve seen that there are enthusiasts on this site that have repaired 1980s ani digi Seiko watches. Can anyone please recommend any repairers in the UK that may be able to assist me ? The watch holds sentimental value and will be kept as a personal item. I’d really appreciate any advice around this… who knows, worst case, it could become my personal reference point for learning to fix watches 🙂 

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Welcome to WRT @MJR123

I look on eBay for Seiko  H601-5479 and found many for sale or auction.

Your best bet would be to get a working donor watch and transplant the movement into your watch.

Since the watch is of sentimental value, it's best to practice on some scrap watches first before attempting the actual transplant.

Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions. 

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    • 👍👍 Thankyou for the advice, you are right these youtube vids are as I like to say.. very shiny but not a true representation, but hey they got me interested so not all bad, I am going very slowly with this watch it wasn't super expensive but not silly cheap either I have to be carful what I do here as I would still like to use the watch and also learn. I might look for a larger pocket watch next time as the movements seem a little bigger, better for my sausage fingers!! lol Cheers Scott..  
    • Normally in fields other than watch repair people like to practice on something disposable first. Or something bigger like a 6497 clone relatively cheap off eBay. But how hard could watch repair be? Yes others have noticed that the videos make watch repair looks so the simple or so fast. Somebody recommended a video for me to watch to evaluate so I won't say what and it just so fun and fast and so the person skipped over a whole bunch of steps. But the person had a huge following whole bunch a likes on the video and was probably making money. The videos are not necessarily a true representation and as an added bonus just because you do a YouTube video doesn't mean you actually know what you're doing. Oh and it's not just YouTube videos on watch repair. I've seen YouTube product reviews like a CNC milling machine I purchased where the one that was reviewed versus the one that I got was a little bit different but you always expect that with Chinese stuff. But the person reviewing it made everything like to watch repair videos looks so a simple the first time you did something it worked. As why like some of the YouTube tells I watch for the show the bloopers of whatever were at least I'll tell you took them 10 tries to get this right versus everything looks perfect. I've even tried to convince somebody with YouTube channel to show a video of these of the watches I can't fix but they won't because that doesn't look fun and exciting. So yes watches are really tiny and it takes practice to do things and unfortunately practicing on live patients doesn't always have the desired outcome but who knows we won't know until you try just be careful when you take the balance wheel out not the stretcher break the hairspring anymore than it already is. You also want to look in preferably with a loop carefully between the balance wheel hairspring and see what you seek is angle for your video isn't right you might see something that I can't to the video.
    • Hi. I have an old Bulova Watchmaster ultrasonic cleaning machine that I have used for years. One thing that has always bothered me is the drying unit. While drying, the rinsing fluids drip into the guts of the machine. Very messy and I am always wary of potential ignition.  Was looking for a dedicated dryer and came across the Elmadry series. A unit like the Elmadry TD30. Cousins has there here: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/hot-cold-air-dryer-elma  When the heat is on, these units dry at 70°C (158°F). That feels pretty hot to me. Looking for opinions or experience with this as a solution. Regards, Stu
    • Ha Ha, you think its screwing up your brain!! This is the first watch I have ever pulled apart and I cannot get around how small everything is!! I'm used to screwing big things together, you watch a few vids read a few walk throughs and the pictures look normal but when your actually doing it is Sooooo small!! I'll pull the balance out tonight and get a couple of pics and report back, thanks for taking a look Cheers Scott..
    • Yes that's an extremely weird video as they hairspring is not moving at all. Which is basically normally impossible. And the easiest way to figure out what's going on would be to take the balance bridge off and see what happens. Normally I'm a big believer of leaving the balance in to make tweaking on the hairspring etc. but I think we actually need to get the balance wheel out to see how things look. Then another video I can't really see what I need to see for one thing the video I think is upside down as screwing with my brain right now.
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