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GS Crystal cabinet with crystal press

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I picked this up on my trip to MN for my canoe trip.  As noted in another thread, I also picked up some cleaning machines.

This cabinet is full of crystals, all neatly organized.  I was shocked with excitement to see that none of the inserts were missing.  This is pretty unusual for something that is probably 60 years old.

I will never use all of these crystals, but they are there...just in case!

I also got a gillion class pocket watch crystals, and post about them at a later time.

2022-09-22 07_57_18-GS  cab 1.jpg ‎- Photos.png

2022-09-22 07_57_05-GS cab 2.jpg ‎- Photos.png

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2 minutes ago, nickelsilver said:

There was one of those at my school, with like 3 more cabs. We still ended up ordering crystals from Cas-Ker most of the time 😆 The foot pedal works ok for flexing crystals that need flexing- not good for press fits.

I asked the owner of my Dad's former shop if they still have the cabinets.  He sent me a picture--yes.  I asked if they ever use the press.  He said, yes, a couple of times a month.

At some point, I need to stop acquiring stuff, but for now, it is still fun.

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