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Omega 1255 Chrono mechanism reassembly

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Hello all!

I am looking for some advice regarding the Chrono mechanism reassembly on the Omega 1255(ESA movement). 

Unfortunately there seems to be little info out there, and I have one that I cannot set the hands on, and will not run. 

Currently, the plates won't go together properly.


Attached is a photo of the Chrono setupPXL_20220911_230943493.thumb.jpg.a431788e9678f338d062e9f169a0bac9.jpg

I should also note, this hasn't been serviced. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of why it wasn't functioning and reassemble. 


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53 minutes ago, Chrono15 said:

Unfortunately there seems to be little info out there,

one of the reasons you are finding a hard time finding information is the various watch companies renumbered the watch and you need to know what it is you're looking for. So in other words you could use the service manual from any of the companies because they would all be identical just have to find one or perhaps a website like the site below where he goes through servicing one.






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