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Orient escape wheel problem

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Hello 👋 

I’ve been working on an orient watch (my first watch servicing) disassembling it assembling it and I’ve got to the escape wheel but I just can’t get it to sit right nothing looks broken Tyne pivots don’t look broken but it just doesn’t fit snug and doesn’t engage with the pallet fork any ideas ? I’m not sure though maybe something is broken ?4C2BA786-ED24-4E59-B72F-6308F1F1227B.thumb.jpeg.2a0f40f08f6f33c2f3ea359cfaa96ea5.jpeg812979E6-4E25-4813-A2FE-8C3E676041DA.thumb.jpeg.381f75cccf2a98ea76ddd0bcc2a5f8d3.jpeg7EE347F5-86CE-4221-AA68-B43EC8AD50DF.thumb.jpeg.7e231843575a47788bca446b364fe38a.jpeg1FAD0435-FB91-4244-91E1-28D9C93EAF85.thumb.jpeg.224955fd6812b2124aaa89613848f8af.jpegA161D571-46DF-4707-B07F-0EF3E11A460C.thumb.jpeg.7f83b44b4d1d4db4597a9cb8c3180a0c.jpeg

It’s not a pallet fork problem either balance engages with pallet fork beautifully

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Typically, the pallet fork is left out until the train is installed and verified.  Your photo shows it already installed.  If that is the case it would make aligning the balance wheel very difficult.


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2 hours ago, watchweasol said:

Hi  a side on close up of the escape wheel would be help full just to verify the pivots, Not doubting your diagnosis but its better to get the picture in our minds and also the appropriate jewel holes/bridge etc.    thanks

Don’t know if these will helpA265DC56-9AB4-4E68-8CD0-92ABB7B3E8B8.thumb.jpeg.d0bb573a3e6f605f8b4940f9fa6fa536.jpegEA1D7D65-455D-4C5D-9BE2-C8E2ABAEF959.thumb.jpeg.3a16c158245d0cca867f40a8f10f6eb3.jpegBCDF97B9-5B7A-44DF-A3A3-170EC9552A87.thumb.jpeg.db7024f117dd85af7ce85cee4263879c.jpeg


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Not the best of pictures but from what I can make out the pivots look intact.  What I should try  to fit the escape wheel on its own with its bridge and see if thats ok if so fit the rest of the train wheels and escape wheel on their own and try that. What we are trying to achieve is  checking each assembly on its own and than with its associated parts. doing it in bite size pieces

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In your second to last photo it looks as if the plane of the escape wheel is canted/off axis from the pivot axis. Perhaps there is too much end shake and the pallets are not engaging with the wheel teeth? If the wheel is not flat, that would be a problem. If the wheel is not perpendicular to the axis of rotation, that would be a problem.

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In your movement picture, you have the pallet fork installed. This is usually done after the train wheels are fitted, you can get better access to direct the escape wheel.

The order of fitting is

1. Train wheels,

2. Barrel bridge (if not under the same plate as the train wheels)

3. Pallet fork

4. Balance.

I usually get the the wheels in the mainplate, put the bridge over the wheels and get the wheels to line up using an oiler. The escape wheel is usually the last to fall into place. You will note that it will sit in its hole but at an angle. Use the oiler to push the wheel upright while applying 'light' pressure on the main plate. It may take a few tries but it will go into the jewel hole. Once its in place do not remove your finger from the bridge (as the bridge will usually try to lift off and dislodge the wheels) without holding it down with a piece of pegwood or even a tweezer. I usually insert the bridge screws a few turns and once the wheels are in place I tighten them without releasing pressure on the plate.

Good luck


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