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My Sunday Read (2022-08-04)

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On 9/6/2022 at 10:03 AM, grsnovi said:

Hi Gram,

I also have a copy of that and it was an interesting browse. It was light on specifics but it was pretty.

Hello @grsnovi

I took a week to have a good look at it.  Visually gorgeous and obviously oriented at the discerning "art" collector of timepieces and also quite focused on the fame of various patrons as well as claims of innovation.  A great read if you are visually driven and curious about what such a storied personage was responsible for in terms of contribution to the art...not to mention an exceptionally inspiring story if you are Entrepreneurially-minded.  Breguet experienced many setbacks in his time - some of them close to terminal - but still he soldiered on, to our everlasting benefit.


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