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Le-Coultre Futurematic


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I have a love of bumper automatics, and have a few from different manufacturers in my collection. The Holy Grail that has eluded me for a long time is the Le Coultre Futurematic. This has now been put right by my latest acquisition from Germany.



This Futurematic has a complicated, but very well made calibre 497 movement and is keeping excellent time, about +3 seconds a day on the wrist. It also produced a nice clean graph with no beat error on my Timegrapher. I will service it sometime in the future and post an article about it. The only thing I have done to it is re-finish the original crystal and give the slightly worn gold finish a light polish and fit a new strap. I'll do a proper job later when I service it.

Unusual features are:-



The watch has no visible crown, it is hidden on the back of the case in the form of a flat serrated button. To set the watch, slide the button towards the middle of the watch then rotate it to set the time. There is a built in hacking lever so it is possible to set the time to the exact second.

The watch cannot be wound by the button, just set the time give the watch a couple of shakes and wear it.


Manual type mainspring that has no facility to let it slip when fully wound like other automatic watches. When fully wound, a latch comes into play and locks the bumper rotor preventing it from moving. When the spring unwinds slightly, the latch releases and allows the rotor to swing again. The good thing about this system is the rotor only moves when required and cuts down on bearing wear.

Another strange feature of the spring setup is it is pre-tensioned with one and half turns of preload when run down. This ensures an immediate start up as soon as the rotor moves, negating the need to give the watch a good shake before wearing it.


There is a power reserve indicator at the three o’clock position on the dial that rotates clockwise when winding. When fully wound, the indicator just touches the bottom of the gold quadrant, and when run down, the hand is in the vertical position at the beginning of the red quadrant. Power reserve is 27 hours.

Just as an aside, when re-casing the movement the matt black dial was a sod to clean properly. After using the puffer I noticed that there were still some tiny specks on the surface. They are easily removed with the lightest touch of the Jewel Picker Upper!

I hope you found this interesting.

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Great looking movement   from the photo the hairspring looks strange?   is it just the angle?   Just wondering I have not serviced that particular JL movement yet




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I see what you mean Jim. It is probably is just an aberration due to the lens and the angle the photo was taken. The watch starts easily and is holding excellent time, so I don't think anything is amiss. When I strip I get around to servicing it, I'll have a closer look.

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    • Hi Saltire, It could be that the screw holding the lever in place isn't tight enough. If you can't tighten it any more then an additional washer should help. I have attached a photo of a silence lever from an Enfield that I have started working on. This one had two washers in place already.
    • Thanks everyone. I'll make sure I get a torch that is hot enough (probably propane) and give it a try next weekend.
    • I have a cheap version of this been using it for nearly 3 years now.  Works fine, i sometimes reshape the fork and when i past reworking i fit another fork insert. I try to save the pennies with cheap general tools  that add up to the pounds for the real goodies.  Everything takes time Michael, you take it steady. Bet you cant wait to start setting up, I have a new room planned its been on the gonna list for ages. One day . Watch the recip saw and fibreglass spells ,  a grinder does the job but you will get covered in fine fibreglass dust if thats what the tub is made of. 
    • Hi everyone, I have an enfield mantle clock where I can't get the silence lever to stay in the silent position, the first three images show the positions of chime, silent (when held), then the silent position when released. Is there something missing that helps it stay in the silent position? Are the marks of 12 & 49 the pendulum length and year? There is a stamp inside the case, is this original or a device / repair date? Any help much appreciated, thanks
    • Hi everyone! Hope you're all keeping well. I'm working on an old Chronosport Chronograph with an Ebauches Bettlach (EB) 8371-67 and broke the lower pusher's rod and leaving the other half still screwed on to the button pusher.  I was able to unscrew the upper button albeit with a little resistance perhaps glued by the previous watch repairer. However, for this lower one, the rod just wouldn't budge. I've soaked the button in Acetone in the hopes of melting the glue and it still wouldn't move. Blasted it hot with a hairdryer, touched it with a soldering iron and still no go. As you can see on the photos below, the pusher is flat on one spot due to my holding it with a vise grip, yes, that's right. Vise grip. I was desperate see. Twisting and turning both the rod and button resulted in nothing. I did, however, successfully bent the rod. So, further trying to correct the bend the next day, I ended up snapping the whole thing in two. So, I'm wondering what my options are and if someone can give guidance: Replace the rod. Where to get the replacement rod then how to remove the broken stump? If removing the stump, how and with what? Replace the whole set of pushers, ie the upper and lower buttons. If replacing, will generic parts do and where to acquire them. Any advice or solution given is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jesse   Chronosport c1970s Pictures of the same button. Note the stump and flattened button. This picture is the other pusher. Disassembled with no issues. Note the melted gasket.
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