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Cannon pinion remover options?

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16 hours ago, Neverenoughwatches said:

Hi Birb. This actually came in a cheap watch repair kit. Its really a hand remover, i took out the center part that lowers on to the hands to steady them and reshaped the tips to grab the cannon pinion when it closes up. The plastic sides push down on the mainplate and the cannon pinion pops staight up and off.

I picked up esslingers cheapo version of the #2, i'll report back whether it works or not.  



13 hours ago, HectorLooi said:

The quality of the Chinese hand removers is getting worse. The first one I bought 4 years ago was still ok, but the ones I bought recently were totally useless. The two white plastic blocks on my original were riveted to the metal with brass rivets. The recent ones were just held by a plastic pin with the ends flattened by a soldering iron. It broke on the first use.

Yeah the chinese one i got had every problem you could imagine Misaligned jaws, the plastic blocks did not both slide down al the way only one did, the gap in one jaw was huge but small in the other, it didn't return to a fully retracted  position once you released it, the plastic blocks looked like they had been cut with a pocket knife they were so chipped up and chunky and uneven and the plunger in the middle was set so low it would have bent any hands you tried to remove with it. Just absolutely useless garbage and almost certainly had been positive review botted.

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Just a PSA for archival purposes. Bought the Esslinger cheapo chinese version of the bergeon #2 presto https://www.esslinger.com/watch-cannon-pinion-and-watch-hand-remover-tool/

It's a high quality tool that needed a bit of shaping of the jaws as the gap was too big for a seiko cannon pinion but it works great and it's about 1/5th the cost of the bergeon version.IMG_20220815_030638.thumb.jpg.c5393b22511ddf7cef7d411401b3887a.jpg                                        

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