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A rant about UPS AKA Useless Postal Service

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Sorry about this but I have got to have a rant.

I placed a order with Cousins at the end of last week and because of the bottle of V106 in the order it couldn't go by Royal Mail and in a moment of weakness I selected UPS for delivery.

The order was shipped and UPS had the delivery listed for Monday.

Monday came and I waited in all day, then suddenly an email arrived from UPS to say they couldn't deliver because my address didn't exist WTF they had delivered here in the past, then Tuesday morning it was out for delivery again, and again I waited, untill another email from them to say the driver could not deliver it because I was not in again WTF, We have CCTv here so checked as no card had been left and sure enough no sign of a UPS driver anywhere. Then to Wednesday and again it's out for delivery, and surprise surprise I get the you were not in again message, and again no sign of the driver or his van on CCTv, but it's ok he had left it at a local parcel drop site, which was only a couple of hundred yards away, so off I pop down the road to the parcel drop site, the lady their goes away with my tracking number to look through the huge pile of parcels the UPS driver had left their that morning, so many she had had to decline to take some, she said it was like he was trying to empty his van, after a short while she came back empty handed, mine must have been with those she couldn't take, then as she was telling me this my phone pinged with another message from UPS to say as I had refused the parcel it was going back to the depot, again WTF, so back home I go to phone UPS to try and get this sorted, their call centre turned out to be in India and an ability to speak English was apparently not an employment requirement, but I eventually get them the change the address for the redelivery so the security office at our site, as that is maned 24/7 for the Thursday attempt, and sure enough Thursday brings another you where out message and again CCTv shows no sign of the driver or his van.

Now it's Friday and thinking I know what to do I change the delivery address to the parcel drop shop just up the road, and when the email came in I assumed it was to tell me it was waiting at the drop shop as set up, but no if only it was that easy, it was again to tell me I wasn't home, which I was and that it was not allowed to be left at the drop shop, the same shop he had tried to leave it at on Wednesday WTF again.

Back onto to phone to India where I try to get them to just hold it at the local depot for me to personally collect, simple, yes, nope that apparently is not an option with UPS, but they will get the branch to call me and discuss my issue's.

I thought I would find the depots number and call them myself but no it's not listed anywhere, only the billing office number is listed, anyone know a number for their Dartford Kent Depot.

So I thought I would contact Cousins to see if they could do something via their business contact with in UPS, but no, they don't have any way to contact them by phone or email the only way to contact Cousins is by snail mail WTF again. Anyone got an unlisted number for cousins?

So now got to wait till Monday when I am going to camp by the sites entrance just see if I can stop the UPS driver as he once again speeds past the site without stopping, or will have to place another order with Cousins for all the missing order minus the V106 just so it can be sent by Royal Mail and get a second set of parts I am waiting for a watch I am unlikely to ever see another one or if I don't it won't need the parts I will now have a spare set of, assuming they do actually ever deliver it, and not just send it back to cousins as undeliverable.

Anyone know what cousins do with returned in delivered orders, do they automatically provide a refund?

Sorry about the rant I just needed to vent a little.

I shall not be using Useless Postal Service's AKA UPS again after this debacle that's for sure, and can't believe even cousins have no way of contacting them other than by post.


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Can totally relate. Here, it's the local FedEx contractor. They DESTROY EVERYTHING!!! I literally have not received anything shipped via FedEx Ground intact in many many months, likely all of 2022. And it's not fragile stuff either. Steel grille parts, steel poles (replacements for the other steel poles they destroyed), and even steel trailer wheels. Steel wheels. Those big heavy round things that can take a pothole at 80mph, and they destroyed them each individually. I literally have a pile of scrap metal beside my driveway that I need to take to the recycling center just waiting for me to get around to swapping some parts out. Nearly all of it is FedEx failure.

I called FedEx about it once, and they said that as the recipient I'm technically not their customer, so they couldn't deal with me. They suggested I contact the sender who was also unable to get anything to happen.

I snagged the delivery guy once before he left me a mangled cardboard box full of shrapnel, and he confirmed that the local contractor is staffed by angry methed up gorillas, and that was his last day. Next delivery guy I snagged confirmed the gorilla staffing policy. 

At this point, I obviously always select any shipper other than FedEx. If there are no options for shipper, I make sure to contact the seller to confirm they absolutely will not ship anything via FedEx. If they can't confirm or refuse to use another shipper, I find another seller or just don't buy the product. Things obviously still sneak through from time to time (looking at you, Amazon...).

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