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New to the forum, with questions on an Omega


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Hello to all! I'm new to the forum 😁.

A bit about myself, I'm a marine engineer and ROV pilot, starting out the new hobby of watchmaking and so I've been buying pocket and vintage wrist watches to practice on and some just to add to my collection.

So! To my questions:

1. Identify this Omega pocket watch movement. 45mm across the dial, year I know is between 1912 to 1916. Photos attached.

2. Eljo make with Ancre 15 rubies movement 0.800 silver case. Eljo I think is a Swedish maker using Swiss movements but can't find much at all about it. Any information would be great. TIA. Matt.










Oh, forgot to say. I'm English living in Mallorca Spain and sometimes Stockholm Sweden to get away from the summer heat!πŸ˜…

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