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Hi, I'm Chris (Chibby)

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I am new to this forum although I have read various threads in the past.

I have been learning to repair watches, pocket watches & clocks for a few years now & its fascinating. Really wish i made a career change when i was younger 🙂

I love the challenges it brings and makes me discover, learn & often improvise when i don't have the tools yet 

I live in a narrowboat on the Oxford Canal (UK) where power & space are precious. I dont have a massive setup & work off the dining room table. Tinkering with clocks & watches on the cut is so peaceful, but often challenging.

Take care all,


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Hey Chris I'm also new here, like you I also love the challenge that watchmaking brings. Does the boat move? I feel like that would add an extra dimension to the process. Level up bouncy watchmaking unlocked lol   

Hello from an English man in Prague.  

All the best


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I'm picturing all of your parts rolling around and off your table, as well as the lights swaying back and forth over head as the boat gently rocks.  I hope it's not that RELAXING!!

I'm sure it is not as bad as my initial mental image.

Welcome aboard.


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