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Rolex 1570 calendar stud issue (from a 1600)

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Hey, servicing a 1570, all went smooth (except it needs a new balance) when I run into this. It looks like someone used jb weld or something to secure the nut. I thought I was going crazy. I cleaned out the nut and post and I cannot get it to thread (reverse thread that is.)


I can’t tell if it’s the nut or the stud that it the problem but am leaning towards the stud.


I’ve tried to repair these types of things in the past with limited success, once I bent a bridge trying to press a post out.


so I ask you? Try to press it out and make a new shaft? Cut the stud and make a simple collar/snapring as it’s not really a “weight bearing part”, or use jb weld again (it seems to have worked fine for over a decade.) 










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4 hours ago, Kalanag said:

It‘s about this nut and its threaded post:



Yeah. This is the screw. It is reverse threaded (that’s what the three lines indicate). I think what happened was that at some point someone else attempted to work on the watch and stripped out the stud. When I took it apart it was very stuck together and it had this thick grey gunk on it. I assume it was loctite or jb weld or something.


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18 minutes ago, clockboy said:

Mild heat normally works with loctite. Finding replacer screw might be a challenge..

Yeah, I got it off and all cleaned up. But in the picks you can see the stud doesn’t look normal. I can press the stud out and machine a new one, but there is some risk to the plate. Any stainless steel plate of the same diameter should do fine. Tapping the end is challenging but doable.

the thing is, a spring clip would probably work just as well. All the nut does is hold the gear flat, there isn’t much torque on the gear.

or, some more jb weld. It worked for a decade…



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Just to follow up. This was actually a lot easier than I had assumed. The part is available as a generic from a lot of vendors. I just used a staking tool and pressed the old one out. No problems at all. Here you can see the threads have been destroyed.

now, to find a balance for less than a grand…






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The hairspring was bent and had been repaired before but it didnt keep good time. I made a half hearted attempt to bend it back but it was kinked. I sourced another balance and replaced it with no issues. They are stupid expensive thought. 

Otherwise, it was a very straightforward service.  

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I'm glad it turned alright! Thank you for sharing.

In the absence of having the specific wrench for that calendar nut, any suggestions for what to use or improvise with? I've been searching for the specific tool without any luck.


Thank you!

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