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Help identifying watch hands (Timex) & seconds hand bushing?

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Hi there -

Reassembling the dial and hands on a 1978 TV case Timex I realized the hour hand is probably not correct and want to source a proper one. However I don't know what I'm searching for because I don't know what this type of hole is called. These hands have a small collar on the underside of the hole, while I've only dealt with flat (hole only) hands before. The hour hand must have this collar because the cannon pinion on this watch sits partly lower than the dial surface. What's the name for this kind of hand?



I'm pretty sure this is the wrong hour hand because 1) it does not match the minute hand which has a tail, and 2) it can touch the index at 12 & 6 because it's too long. Also, the dial is marred up in the center where someone has carelessly removed hands in the past.825987560_PXL_20220715_0028182492-800.jpg.76337da9ef39f8f8bc0e497638c6dcac.jpg

A similar model I found a photo of had a far shorter hour hand.



And a related question about the sweep seconds hand - this watch did not come with one but the movement (Timex m104/106) should have one. The Ranfft page for the movement specifies: Hands 1.38 x 0.90 x 0.16/0.21mm (second hand without/with bushing). What is meant by "without/with bushing" in this context? Am I looking for something special, or can I get an everyday seconds hand with a 0.16 or 0.17 hole? I tried a 0.20 and it stopped the movement.


Thanks for reading!


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Hi    as you will notice from the attached manuals the hour hand does have a tail like the min hand. getting hands for timex means trawling Ebay to find  donor watch as parts are not readily available. You could contact aor look up the Heritage 1854  web site  for further information.  Sweep hand with no bush i think refers to the tube that fir onto the center wheel. Some are bushed and some are flat. Bushed ones the center wheel is just above the cannon pinion and the bush fits down the pivot/extension whereas the flat ones the pivot/extenstion protrudes above the canon pinion and the hand just presses on the the extension.

104 (1).pdf 106 (1).pdf

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4 hours ago, watchweasol said:

You could contact aor look up the Heritage 1854  web site  for further information.

I have been working from these service manuals while restoring, thanks. Indeed I've been watching ebay for a donor, but now that you mention Heritage 1854, I realized they have archived catalogs. This model from the 1978 catalog actually does look like it has the correct length of hour hand, guessing it is expected to be bent up a bit so it doesn't hit the 12 & 6.


However, now I'm thinking that split in the back of the hour hand hole could be the result of someone breaking the original hand and losing or cutting the tail off the back. I'll have to examine the metal more closely later to see if there's a remaining rough edge there. This is not meant as a perfect restoration and I don't care if I can't source original Timex hands if there's something else that might fit (with that recessed collar). I just like this watch.

With regard to the seconds hand, I think I'll have to try a few different options. The cannon pinion on these is 2 parts (as pictured in the 104 manual) and they sit on the center wheel extension, but it does not protrude all the way out - the pin is recessed about 0.5mm down into the cannon pinion. This makes me wonder if it is actually broken too, if whoever tried to work on this watch had a difficult time removing the hands such that they were broken and the dial marred.

I don't have another Timex with a sweep seconds right now to check the length of the center wheel extension but I have one on the way soon as a donor for a broken calendar spring. The sweep second staff on mine does not protrude as suggested in this diagram.  I'm going to weep if I have to take apart the movement again to replace the center wheel >.<


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3 hours ago, JerseyMo said:

well after some more digging around I think these are what you need.

Ahh cool. Those differ slightly in that the hour hand has a slight taper while mine is straight & squared off, but are close enough. I'll send you a private message.

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By the way, I have learned my lesson 100% and will not touch another Timex day/date movement for a long long time. Maybe date-only, but not day/date. The flimsy & weak copper detent springs are a nightmare and it is crazy difficult to get the dial clamped on while not being too loose that the day disc jumps out or too tight that neither day nor date reliably advances.

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