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Thinning spring & coiling

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  • 3 weeks later...

This guy is impressive.

Recently (and I posted about it), I was faced with a 400-day suspension spring that was too thick.  The clock ran fast.  Rather than order another of the correct size, I used sandpaper folded over the spring.  I ran the folded sandpaper up and down repeatedly.  This worked wonderfully well to calibrate the rate of the clock.

But, the work in this video is many pay-grades above my little effort!

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    • John I have seen the information of the internet regarding Arnex https://theoldtimey.com/arnex-pocket-watch/#Arnex Watch Value https://adelstein-workshop.com/arnex-watches/ Very interesting. oldttimey estimates a value of £75, if everything is original.  Can't find an original movement as a donor. Silly prices wanted for a full donor watch. I can get an st3600 6497 for £40. Owner is more concerned wit the 'look'.  What I am pleased about is that by learning from others, I have been able to rebuild to the point where I was able to understand why it would not work. I know that I am not very good with describing my work. But achieving the outcome has been good for my ego. Know what the problems were. Know my limitations. Chuffed.
    • Out of curiosity I don't suppose you want to share the prices? Yes it would be cheaper to get a Chinese clone but this is not a Chinese clone this is a Swiss 6498 and the last time I looked brand-new movements are extremely expensive. I see the answer has materialized before I Finished this I'm still curious genuine Swiss because as I said the last time I looked they were rather expensive. Although taken a quick look at eBay it looks I can get a movement For approximately $130. Otherwise I'm seeing silly prices starting at $400. This is the unfortunate problem of anything that is well watch repair Somebody in there before you that didn't grasp what they were doing and now you have to pick up the pieces. It seems be unfortunately the world of the watch the more pieces of the stuff you have to deal with. I suppose it's a miracle that in the watch runs at all. On the other hand the number of amateur parts destroyers of watches versus the quality of watches well that's probably a good thing that there only a tiny percentage of
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    • Hi all,  I am currently working on a tissot 2481 (equal to an omega 1481) and have tried to replace the mainspring, I ordered the correct spring from cousins but the centre spiral wasn’t tight enough for the arbour, the only option I had (with limited skills and knowledge) was to bend the spring to suit, after several attempts to get the correct size it led to the spring snapping is there an alternative mainspring suggestion as it seems it is the cousins Swiss one I’m having the issue with or does anyone know where I can source a mainspring barrel complete? thank you in advance Sam
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