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 I need a new coil for an old Seiko perpetual calendar, 8f32-0049   071411,   my question is ,    are they specific to a watch model or are they pretty much interchangeable.  I've been thinking of replacing the movement entirely but they're not readily available,   any ideas fellas





I wanted to change to a different movement, how do I go about finding one to fit.   many thanks,   daveT

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45 minutes ago, tikkertok said:

 are they specific to a watch model or are they pretty much interchangeable.

Specific, and not interchangeable except perhaps mov.ts of the same family.


48 minutes ago, tikkertok said:

I wanted to change to a different movement, how do I go about finding one to fit.

Unlikely that you can find one because there are very many small variations that won't make others fits easy.

However 8F32 watches are quite cheap so you can just buy another.

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the first link has the list of parts you click on the part you find out what watches cross reference with your parts.

Then just because you get a part number doesn't mean you're going to ever find the part. To the quick look on eBay found the seller that once had the coil but doesn't anymore it's out of stock and the site that has the cross reference listing doesn't even have the part listed at all? that I found another link that showing parts that doesn't mean they have the parts it just means that they're giving you a list of the parts may or may not ever been available.

then should you ever find a coil I've attached the technical guide.



Seiko 4F32A,8F32A,33A,35A.pdf

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Many thanks for that John,   very useful.   My best option so far seems to be an offer I've made at £60 on an old watch with an 8f56 movement ,  at £60 it's by far the cheapest option so far but do you think it's compatible with my watch case?    cheers 

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