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Last Of The Incomings For A While!

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I have been on a bit of a roll of late with watches. In truth this past couple of months purchases equal what I have purchased in the last ten years!


But you know what its like. We all have wish list watches that one day we hope to own it just so happens all but one of my wish list have all come up this past couple of months and all at prices I have felt comfortable spending.


I can't believe this but I now have five watches winging their way to me including the one I won today which is coming from my old home country, the UK!


I have an Accutron but have always loved where Omega and the other Swiss makes took that movement to and have wanted one for a long time.


Yesterday I spied a mint Omega Geneve in gold plate with gold dial, barely a mark on the case and dial and hands as fresh as they day they left the factory in 1972. Add to that the movement has just been freshly serviced by someone with experience on working with these and that the seller included a new Omega calf band and gold tone buckle and you end up with a really lovely example that has plenty of life in it and is looking cosmetically great as well.


I won't say what I won it for but suffice to say if I was that sort I could probably turn it around tomorrow an make a couple of hundred  on it but this is a keeper!

Here are a couple of pictures from the seller, more to come once it arrives!







So there is this one on the way as well as a mint Seiko Lassale, The Fellow Chronograph, The Timex easy reader, The other Timex electric arrived this week so its going to seem like Christmas in the next couple of weeks!

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Oops, do not know what happened to the pictures but the Omega arrived today and is a stunner!


Everything is signed, crystal, case back, crown even the strap and clasp are Omega. It has been fully serviced and is humming along like a good'n!


I have had nothing but great experiences from the British sellers on eBay and this one is no exception. A retired watchmaker and it shows if my watch is anything to go by. He even included detailed information on setting the watch, battery needed when replacement comes around and general care instructions for vintage watches, the perfect seller!






Heck, even the original Tritium hands and dots around the dial still glow faintly!

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Thanks gentlemen!


As to expense, well, I won this fully serviced on owner watch for the princely sum of $300! When I look at whats new out there for that it makes this one seem somewhat of a bargain I think. I got a better movement than in my Accutron for Accutron money! The deals are out there if you keep searching and don't just jump on the first thing you see.


The week before I saw a similar one though in not as good condition and with no fresh service and I nearly went for it until I did some research and realized it had the movement replaced for a standard ESA one. Nothing wrong with that in terms of functionality as apart from the copper plates they are identical movements to the Omega but it was not an Omega movement and it went for pretty much the same as this one!

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