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Bulova 17 AE

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Hello all,

  I am just getting started in this wonderfully insane hobby.  I've been successful in rebuilding a couple of Elgin pocket watches, and, except for one small issue, a Bulova 17AE movement.  The issue seems to be that the "hook" on the barrel arbor is broken, preventing the arbor from grabbing the spring when winding.  To that end, where would one possibly find a replacement arbor for a Bulova 17AE movement?  Thanks for any assistance you might be able to provide.


Mitchell Langlois

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Hi Mitchell,

Now that you have introduced yourself here, you might want to re-ask your question in the:


forum. Many/most of the best folks don't regularly visit this "Introduce Yourself" forum.

Also, if you can post a photo with your question it will likely make many happy.

I don't have any experience with Bulova (other than wearing them).

- Gary

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