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3D Printed screwdriver stand

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Although not as nice as the Bergeon rotating stand didn’t want to shell out the cash. Spent an hour or two measuring and making this one, it does a great job and I even tapered the holes so the screw driver rests on the handle and not the blade! 



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1 hour ago, Paul80 said:

Not got access to a 3D printer are there any companies that produce custom prints from an uploaded file, like you can do with PCB files.

Anyone know of such a company ?


Yes there are on Etsy. But not sure if it would just be cheaper to get one of those Chinese replicas or the bergeon stand. 

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Very nice and functional design. Personally not a fan of the fancy rotating stand as you have to keep track of the colors. Picking screwdriver on the back side of the stand is somewhat annoying as you have to rotate it 180 degrees, and for this reason you will feel lazy to place them back on the stand as it is hard to recall the positions at a single glance.

Your design may actually work better for some of us, as it makes it easier to discern position. For improvement ideas, maybe round the sharp edges on the top side, or add a slot to store the extra bits?

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