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Hi from someone returning from the dark side.


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Just getting back into mechanical watches and watch repair. I was somewhat disappointed in my local Seiko AD because he charged $12 to replace a battery in a Quartz watches back in December of 2021.  Later I asked to replace a crystal in an Orient Mako XL and he politely declined saying he had never worked on an Orient.  I bought a cheap starter Watch repair kit and crystal press and did the repair myself. I have also started replacing my own Watch batteries.  I do enjoy Richard’s videos because I have learned how to keep my watches clean of dust and contaminants when I work on them.  I look forward to learning from each of you as well.  

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$12 sounds really good I had two watches in December changed this service cost me £50.00 for the pair I like you had a watch fossil with a cracked glass so I rang fossil direct they said that they couldn't replace it as it was not a current model. however I have heard that fossil don't really like to repair there watches I suppose they are like Timex  and a lot of Chinese movements they don't produce extra parts.

I also think that orient is now part of Seiko ?


this is also why I started repairing my own watches same as you I wasn't happy with the service I was getting even Invictus wouldn't repair a watch that was running 7 minuets a hour. Opps not Invictus  a online watch repairer so I did my on research and found it could be magnetic problem, now the watch runs smooth That will teach me to leave my self winding watch on top of my laptop.


anyway welcome back


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Welcome Andy!  I can sympathize also.  Granted, I have always been deeply fascinated with timepieces, so becoming involved with repairing them was likely inevitable, but I also learned this trade simply because I came from a humble enough background that paying to have my earlier watches repaired would have been expensive for me back then.

And now, these days, I own a handful of high-end watches, not because I bought them brand new, but because I was able to buy them as non-runners for a paltry sum and repair them and regulate them.  And I also "flip" pocket watches.  I rescue them before the scrappers get them, and I restore them to running order and sell them.  Not much of a profit margin, but I feel good about saving them.

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    • Plastic crystals have a lot of stress and this will eventually show up as a lot of hairline fractures on the crystal. If you are saying you want to save the original I would recommend not bothering they are considered consumables. Get an original crystal installed by a proffessional is the best route. Not much difference in price to buying one from them and installing  it yourself. Anilv
    • Say that fast 5 times 😂
    • I have a few questions on the use of a (lever-type) jeweling tool in the adjustment of jewel endshakes, as I have never done this before. 1. If the endshake is too much or too little, how do you choose where to adjust the endshake? Do you adjust the endshake on the train bridge, or the main plate, or both? How do you decide which is the best? 2. When inserting the pusher into the spindle of a lever-type jeweling tool, such as a Favourite, is the best practice to take out the entire spindle from the tool frame to insert the pusher? And likewise, take out the entire spindle from the tool frame to remove the pusher? Or is it perfectly ok to insert or remove the pusher when the spindle is still inside the jeweling tool frame. Which way is safer/ best practice. 3. Is there an attachment to the base of the jeweling tool to hold the mainplate or bridges? I don’t seem to see any for sale, new or otherwise. Can I make one?
    • In the USA, you could try: https://www.jewelerssupplies.com/ or http://www.julesborel.com/ Cousins in the UK might be a possibility (although Waltham is a US watch, I'm sure some of them made it across the pond). https://www.cousinsuk.com/ Mark also has a list here: https://www.watchfix.com/category/watch-parts-tools-suppliers/watch-parts-tools-suppliers-us/
    • Yup. It's like the song from The Greatest Showman.... Never Enough! Never, never...
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