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Hi there,

New member here, and an amateur in watchmaking for a year. I tough being a mechanical enginer will help in the journey, but I was wrong, WD40 and a hammer is no good in this trade!!!!

Anyway, glad to join,


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You left out duct tape... 🙂

I got a flow chart the other day that ended one branch with: It's supposed to move? WD40 and the other branch with It's not supposed to move? Duct tape.

I've had to resort to the WD40 treatment on a badly rusted Buren that I have apart at the moment.

Welcome to WRT.

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Thank you all!!!

For the duct tape, I would say cable ties or glue, but it's still a part of the emergency maintenance kit!

I'll keep it in mind if when day I have a rusty movement (fingers cross I won't soon, but it's part of the learning and fun in this hobby).

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to the forum Nick. 🙂

I don't know. A hammer at the right time may get a movement off your bench with nothing more to worry about.

Glue the hands on the watch at 12:02 or something equally as innocuous, add some sort of flappy thing to the stem so it sounds like it is winding when you turn it and give it back to the customer. No?

(Glad to help. All of my advice is free. Please note that no legal liability is accepted should you decide to use my advice. 😉 )

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    • I have this book and it does have an extensive amount of hairspring material.  I wonder how different it is from the one you list. I was looking at the breguet section several weeks ago but did not review it in prep for this exercise. I wish I had a set of those bending tweezers.  I have been looking for them but so far, no luck.
    • I don't. If this is for a watch you own, I'd suggest sending it to Omega for service/repair. Omega is a part of the Swatch Group and (as far as I know) the Swatch Group has discontinued making their component parts available to individuals for purchase. This includes individual watchmakers. Optionally you could search online (possibly eBay) for an identical watch/movement that isn't running which is available for a reasonable cost and purchase the watch as a "donor" and remove the pieces yourself and replace them in your watch. You may also find a skilled watchmaker who can make the part from scratch however the cost may be more than you'd expect (or be willing) to pay. Good luck!
    • the slow aspect is really really important.  hairspring work is not something you rush you really want to concentrate on what you're doing yes the videos that's a classic problem with the videos. For one thing in the videos most people of videos want to make a decent video they want to make you happy they want to show a good outcome and how many videos are really realistic on this is really hard and I may not succeed? another thing helps his books this is the one I find is really good  Bench Practices for Watch And clockmakers –  Henry B. Fried (Author) 1954 1974 the book is interesting in that it came in different versions in some versions don't have all the section so some versions are missing the hairspring section. They hairspring section is really really good as it covers how to fix things with hairsprings lots of things. Although Henry tends to make everything look really really simple somewhere out there I think on YouTube is a video of him straightening hairsprings. But the book works really really nicely then Amazon can be quite amusing and somebody didn't tell the people at the last link that their book is very rare in the prices very bad just way too low in place notice Amazon prices are not desirable at all which is what sometimes happens with Amazon I have to wonder how they come up with those prices https://www.amazon.com/Bench-practices-watch-clockmakers-Henry/dp/B0006CEZ08 https://www.amazon.com/Bench-Practices-Watch-Clockmakers-Henry/dp/096562191X https://www.clockworks.com/product/bench-practices-for-watch-and-clockmakers-by-henry-b-fried                
    • Very nice Andy 👍, I do like Seiko as does Watchie. This is a lovely early 5 example, are you pleased with it ? I think i may win with mine though from a carboot this morning 🙂. Not fair to steal your thunder today matey. I'll post it up tomorrow along with a 404, if we are allowed the 5 quid mark now. 
    • Yes, quite a bit was removed but checked with mentor and came to the same conclusion as yourself, been on test out of the case for two full winds now 
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