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Ricoh Quartz w/date


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Hello everyone,

Today my partner in crime is the little guy below.

History unknown. I purchased it when I was living in Japan. The battery left inside for a long time I think and was in leaked situation. I took it to a watch maker and he told me that he cannot get any readings so it may be a bad coil or something else and refused to deal with it.


I took it apart to show you and ask your advice. I don't know how to troubleshoot a quartz movements (sounds like I know mechanical onesĀ šŸ¤£) so where I should begin to diagnose? Inserted a battery, no sign of any life.


Mechanical parts moving without any issues, also the date changes flawlessly. There is one thing though, I marked on the photo below, when I was cleaning inner part, I found some black, plastic crumbled parts probably deteriorated because the battery chemicalsĀ and the rest of it was under that brass screw (still some stuck there), probably it is a non-conductive material to prevent some shorting!


The movement number on the dial is:



For future newbies like myself, to remove the backing, you need to press the tiny triangle locking pins (2 of them is enough to let the back go off) shown below:


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