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hello. im new at watch repair  and a love  watches to repar for my self so any  advice is welcome. im currently working on eta 2878(Automatic) and a have issue with main spring a broke it :) so a need a new .but dont now where to buy. and buy a difrent dial for same eta movment.... sorry for my english

here are some pictures





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Hi John

Thanks a loot for your replay.

A realy want to understand the meaning by eurovision song contekst....maybe because you and i like watches to repar by self? To i understand corectt?

Bdw can you invite a member to this topic who can help me

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Hi Josip,

To explain about the Eurovision Song Contest it would help me to know which country you live in and which language you speak but ESC is a competition between countries in Europe to find the most popular new song.

I am new to watch repair and my knowledge is small compared to other friends here. About your spring, it might also help to know which part of the world you live in. I will guess and say perhaps Croatia/Hrvatska.

There is a company here in England called Cousins. They have the spring that you need - part number GR3315X. Maybe there is a better place nearer to you. About the dial, I think it would be better to ask someone else here. They will answer you soon.


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Ha-ha! Sorry Josip, I misunderstood!

I said about ESC because nobody had answered your post. I wondered where they all were and I said that I thought they were all watching ESC on TV because here in the UK, for many people (men), the ESC is an embarrassing joke. The real answer is that they were all out at their favourite bar. :-)

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