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Bulova Accutron Gauge / Tool / Clip ?

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I recently aquired contents of an old watch repair shop that shut down in the late 70s (give or take 10 years) .

This clip was with some tools. Can't say I've ever seen this. Maybe a holder for led screen or something.  Any help appreciated.




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1 hour ago, TheBlindOne said:

It is a Bulova Accutron Index Wheel Holder.

I thought it was a weird paperclip for holding tiny stacks of paper?

When you're cleaning a tuning fork watch the index wheel doesn't like to bump into anything. Which means it's really hard to clean it you can't drop it in the cleaning basket for instance and you shouldn't even drop it for that matter. This is why there is a holder it will hold the index wheel securely by its pivots prevent the index wheel from touching anything which is very bad and allow you to clean the thing. Otherwise if you don't have the tool you have to put it back between the plates and run the index wheel that way as it would be no other safe way to do this.

I've attached an image of the school in use C can see the index wheel being held


tuning fork index wheel holder.JPG

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Oh, and here's one for scale. The blood-sucking insect is a tiny aedes aegypti mosquito. Truly, even setting the index wheel into these holders is a tiny challenge. And one must use great care handling the index wheels as they nearly get damaged by merely looking at them.



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