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46 minutes ago, Bryan22 said:

I like mechanical watches, but I prefer digital:)

I like my watch to be always on time.

Like my smart phone!

However mechanical watches are art:)

BB 4/21/2022

Eyup bry. Welcome  to the forum . It's 5am UK time. Its a great place to learn . Loads of good guys on here to help you when you need it. It's nice to show them appreciation by using the icons on the right bottom. Everyone gives up their spare time on here, especially  the pros. You'll quickly get a feel of who to ask what questions based on their expertise and what you need to know. Any help you need with an issue of a repair you're doing, give as much information as possible to the best of your ability and photos are really important.  Photos photos photos. I think you gey my point, photos.  Enjoy matey.

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Thanks for the intro @Bryan22 welcome to the WRT forum! I'm also relatively new and I'm in the middle of my first service of an Elgin Grade 313 movement which has been stalled for a while as I was waiting for oil and a mainspring winder. Well, my oil arrived and luckily I picked up an identical 2nd movement so as I disassemble that one it will help me remember how to re-assemble the first one! I've posted some shots of my watches here.

If you want to see some real watch masterpieces, take a look at this site.

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