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Seiko 6106 keyless

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Hi guys,

I have Seiko 6106C here and I’m puzzled about the setting leaver and the date corrector.
The setting leaver, I am guessing that will lift like any other part or I might have to give it a push from the other side as you would when you are taking the stem out?
The date corrector has two groves on the head, I don’t know the meaning of that but I’m guessing it will be the same case as the setting leaver, either lift it or push it out from the other side?

One more question, is the barrel the same-ish as the modern Seikos that are not supposed to be taken apart?



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The setting lever lifts free once you take off the setting lever spring. The date corrector is riveted on the main plate and you don't have to/cannot take it out.

You can open the barrel and service the mainspring.

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