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Certina DS2 parts


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Hi to all Watch Repair Talkers.

I am a newbe! possible watch collector by default. Allow me to explain: I recently became a custodian of approx. 20 gents & 5 ladies watches. One of which is a Tissot Martini Racing chronometer, 1992 vintage. The back has a red hard plastic seal & is loose, not fitting properly. I fitted a battery, but is not working. The leather strap has had its day & needs replacing, but only if I can get watch working. The strap has unusual connections, ie: one narrow 2 lug 13.3mm width, the other like a Cartier single lug 12:7mm fitting.

Will continue later with the other watches.


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Thanks for the intro @strrb, welcome to the WRT forum! I'm also relatively new and I'm in the middle of my first service of an Elgin Grade 313 movement.

I wonder if the plastic back was original on that watch. When I do an image search I only see metal backs and it seems that sometimes that case is involved in closing the circuit?

I suppose it's also possible that somebody already opened it up thinking it needed a battery and it had stopped due to needing a cleaning/lubrication.

That strap is unique - I hope you find one.

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Thanks for the welcome. About the Tissot, a bit of misunderstanding here. I never suggested it had a plastic back. The back is stainless steel like most watches. It has a red hard plastic sealing ring, a bit like an O ring but a different profile. I assume the SS back needs to be pressed in after fitting a battery.The battery is held in place by a brass clamp with 2 screws, possibly to ensure a completed circuit . 
As for the strap yes it is unique. Have contacted Tissot but replacement leather straps are no longer available. If you google this model, you will notice there are 2 lugs on 1 end, & 1 central lug on the other. If I can get this watch working, I will attempt to have a suitable set made. 

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When I first posted about the Tissot, I somehow titled the post Certina DS2 parts. So I have put the Tissot aside for the time being. So I am after a main plate for a DS2 manual wind, 25-66, calibre, ano day or date. My clock maker suggested I look for a complete watch, or movement that is not working, for parts. I found one on EBay, but did not seem to have the part needed.  Should anyone hear of know of any Certina parts, I would be extremely grateful. Roy



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    • This was in a vertical position. Like in the short gif video. Amplitude is fine across all positions, at full wind and after 24h. I could post tons of pictures, but please take my word for it.    It was advertised as running fine and my friend was surprised that it didn't. The seller has a very good reputation on Chrono24, so I doubt that it's an intentional pass-on of problems. He responded quickly offering to take it back (and paying for all shipping) or reimburse 300Eur for a local service. If the problem is what I/we think it is, then the latter is a good offer for ~1h of work and a 50-100 Eur spare part. 
    • if it's a serial number it's not a very unique serial number. It is probably more likely and what it looks like is a casing number. then searching for that we do get better pictures at the link below. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224410066581  
    • hi watchweasol,  I probably called it by the wrong name, I called it jumpstart but I think its just shorting I have posted my query in the safezone forum I am hoping its a simple fix, otherwise its sending to seiko to fix. thanks from England voith  
    • watch repair is all about practicing
    • what happened to the old spring? according to the website below no parts are available but they do give a mainspring listing not sizes unfortunately. Then taking that number to the home page looks like it's available cheaper than eBay. http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=PP_10-200 http://www.julesborel.com/s.nl/it.A/id.27029/.f because I was curious about the number I found up above I looked at bestfit online. Here's what I found out that looks like it's the right number unfortunately because it's an original spring we don't get any dimensions.  
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