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V172 Seiko Solar Watch Stem broke off - How to remove and replace?

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Hi all,

This morning the stem of my Seiko Solar broke off.

  • The model: SSC297P1
  • The type of watch: V172 

If I want to repair this, what should I do? I was thinking remove the stem and buy a new crown/stem?

Could you advice me on what to do?

  • How can I remove the stem? (Probably should do that when I replace it right?) 
  • Where can I buy a crown and stem? The crown looks good, but it seems the stem broke off in the crown.  So better to replace the total right? I added some pictures so you can judge.

Curious to hear your thoughts and expertise how to take this forward. 

I'm new on the forum and introduced myself in the introduction group.

Thanks for your help,









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To get the old stem out follow the arrow where it says "push". Then push while pulling the stem out. I've never done this movement so I'm not 100 % sure. You can get a new stem from CousinsUK.com. To push in the new stem you will possibly have to push where it says "push" again while you wiggle the stem to fit into the square section of the sliding pinion.

To salvage the crown it could be that you'll find the following thread useful. Good luck!

EDIT: You will also have to cut (and preferably file) the new stem to get the correct length. You probably also want some thread locking glue that isn't too strong. I use Loctite 222 but perhaps Loctite 243 would be even better.


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I ordered some Alum so let's try that.

I though am totally not able to get the stem out. I press with small pin in the hole (where the arrow points to with push), but i am not able to pull the stem out. 

Any idea how that works? I am watching some YouTube videos and there is always like a small button releasing the stem but cant find it here.

Anyone familiar with the system?



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Hi What you will find highlighted by the push indication is a small lever, you push it down and this releases the stem.  Have a close look with the loupe.

I have had a look or the sheet for the 172A there are non listed in cousins esslingers or the SCWF lists the closest is the V182A which is a close cousin      did not get a hit with Ranfft either. I have attached the Seiko V182A in the hpe there are enough similarities to be helpful.

Seiko V182A (1).pdf

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 You can also attach a stem extender to whats left of the stem, a bit cheaper and can be done without removing the stem. Once sized just put a bit of epoxy 5 the stem, give time for the glue to cure, done.

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Thanks for your help, in the end I found out that the stem needed to be in the right position for the lever to appear.

There is a protection mechanism in the watch, as this video shows around minute 2. The lever isn't appearing when the stem isn't in the right position. Quite an ingenious system, but that's what caused it. When I had it right it was out in 1 second, very easily, with some tweezers.



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