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At the risk of inspiring you guys who have to have one of everything (like me) to spend money on one of these, I thought I'd show a photo of a Chinese-made tool I jut bought. It's not a watchmaker tool but rather a tool to make tools which can easily include many watchmaker things.

The first applicable thing that comes to mind is... screwdriver blades. My back story here is that I have some 3/16" and 1/4" titanium rod that's been sitting around for forever, and I got to thinking that since I could use some really nice screwdrivers, rather than blow a bunch of money on a set, I'll just make my own... out of titanium. The blades can be made from whatever, and though you can easily enough just hone some stock into good tips by hand, this machine could dang quick whip out a set. The titanium shafts and delrin knobs are another project, but also another whole story. Just an idea I had and plan to implement coming up. I'm a machinist by trade so my newly accepted tangent into watchmaking is adjacent.

Anyways, I wonder what you other guys can dream up that this machine might be handy for in the watchmaking realm.

Behold, the cutter grinder:


These run around a grand delivered, give or take. A full complement of decent wheels is another half that, but you can get by with what it comes with for a fair while.

Anyways, any thoughts?

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