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6mm Lathe Tail Stock Hole Diameter

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There is absolutely no standard for tailstock bores. European makes will generally be metric, whole or half millimeter (but not always), but which millimeter is a toss up. Within throw of a paper ball here in the workshop:


G. Boley 8mm lathe, tailstock bore, 6.60mm

Favorite 8mm lathe, tailstock bore 7mm

Boley Leinen Reform 8mm lathe, 7.5mm

Boley Leinen WW lathe, 8mm

Steiner 8mm lathe, 8.8mm


So not one the same in my workshop, and there are dozens of other makers out there. Even two from the same maker, Boley Leinen (also just known as Leinen, and sometimes rebranded Paulson in the U.S.) are different. Probably some out there that match up with other makes, until you get to U.S. makes and inch sizes and things can get very weird.


I imagine it did come from some 8mm lathe, and the seller is clueless to the fact that some things (most?) are not necessarily interchangeable across brands.

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