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Restoration: c1980 Ricoh Riquartz 580399

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Just a quickie

When my dad died 7 years ago my mum gave me his old Riquartz watch that she gave him for their 25th wedding anniversary in 1981.

It was in a sorry state. Dad had worn it solidly from that day to the day he died. 

The case and case were badly scratched, the original strap lost, the day date mechanism jammed (broken as it turned out).

It had been left neglected for the last 7 years.

With a bit of patience and good fortune I located new-old stock movements and crystals.

For a well worn 41 year old watch I think it's come up rather well after a strip down, polish and careful rebuild and new movement. I think it's good for a few more years.

Before and after photos below.

I can't wait to show my mum.





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Handsome watch, a good memory and it will continue to live with that watch. Happy for you that got lucky finding parts. When I purchase a second hand watch, I always try to imagine who wore, what kind of life he/she had, which occasions did it witness. I don't know why, thinking about those lives unknown for me makes me sentimental :'(. I can't even touch my late father's watches knowing that they were the last objects he touched.


Anyways, again happy for you, good work.

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